Presidents Message

A message from our President/Partners

Dear Friends and Loyal Customers,

You have to have an extraordinary team to deliver on your promises and that’s exactly what we have at J & D Food Services. We feel privileged to work with many talented people– both within our own business and the operations of our customers. At J & D our focus is on providing outstanding service, quality products, and being a reliable partner. Our promise is about delivering results.

In our business, delivering on your word is the most important order of the day, everyday. Through partnerships with many suppliers, an intricate delivery system, and a team who understands the foodservices industry, we deliver the products that you need, safely, and when and where you need it.

I invite you to contact us. At J & D, we will be more than happy to talk with you about how we can help your company.

Kind Regards,

Linda Lee - Founder